MEN Paper and Book Arts

Artist's Statement

Artist’s Statement:
The beauty of life surrounds us in all its forms. It abounds in nature from the intricate design of a tiny snowflake to the splendor of a mountain vista. We need only to take the time to see. When my fingers touch a piece of paper or fabric I handle it as I would a rock or a leaf, feeling the grain, the texture; the warmth or coolness it imparts. When we allow something to speak to us, we open ourselves up to a myriad of possibilities. Inspiration comes most often from something in nature that will prompt me to create a piece of art. Or perhaps a word or phrase will ignite an idea. Then I’ll seek out the appropriate materials. Whether paper or fabric, a long time is spent just touching, feeling the essence within. As artists we all have different ways of working. When I create a piece I allow myself the time and space to be a conduit for that presence reaching out for the revelation of visual expression. In so doing, most of the creative process is spent seeking, feeling, gathering, arranging, rearranging---touching, becoming. I don’t do many roughs or mock ups, sometimes none at all. The doing is the process. The process is the doing. The journey continues.